Gargolon's BONKhaus

On January 3, 2023, Gargolon broke into an abandoned house in the south of Nootopia and started BONKing Pesky Penguins.

The BONKhaus allows you to burn the $BONK token in exchange for $PESKY. This feature was created in order to unlock an airdrop of 1B $BONK to the Pesky Penguins team wallet.

Gargolon bonking a Pesky Penguin


The BONKhaus features a leaderboard to show off who has burned the most $BONK, and data from the leaderboard is used to boost the $BONK signal, which is responsible for providing light to the Solana ecosystem in these very dark times

BONKhaus Leaderboard

In Nootopia

Gargolon's BONKhaus is located in a small house in the Southern end of Nootopia, tucked away against the wall of the city. How did he even get in there??

BONKhaus Map Location