The Cosmic Corkscrew

The Cosmic Corkscrew was constructed by the Pesky Alien Penguins in order to dispel the magical seal placed on Noot Juice potions by Gargolon. See: The Hyper-Dimensional Noot Juice Saga.

If your Pesky Penguin has never imbibed Noot Juice before, it will show up in the list of eligible Penguins to use The Corkscrew when you connect your wallet.

Once your Penguin has imbibed Noot Juice, it can swap freely between Pixel art and HD art styles using our Dyanmic Artwork engine, the Wishing Well.

Twitter Bot

Every Penguin that uses the Cosmic Corkscrew gets a shout-out on Twitter via @CosmicCorkscrew!

When this feature launched, it was so popular that we were rate-limited by Twitter!

In Nootopia

The Cosmic Corkscrew is located on the floating Pesky Alien Penguin compound to the Southeast of Nootopia city proper.

Cosmic Corkscrew on the Map