Pesky Penguins: Solana OGs

Founded in October 2021, Pesky Penguins has grown to become so much more than an NFT collection. With a rich history of lore and storytelling and an solid track record of flawless launches, we build entire worlds for holders to experience and enjoy utility and fun!

Our core objectives are:

  • Spread happiness and good vibes with NOOT NOOT.
  • Build high-value features for holders.
  • Enrich the entire Solana ecosystem.

In this Nootpaper, the Pesky Penguins Team will provide information about the collection, an overview of features and utilities, and glimpses of future possibilities as well!

The Platonic Noot


The Pesky Penguins collection metadata specifies a 6% royalty, allocated as follows:

The collection launched with a 5% royalty, but the community voted on June 9th, 2022 to give an additional 1% of every sale to the NootDAO community wallet.

DAO royalties vote

Team Wallet

Team Wallet funds are used to pay for website hosting, access to Solana RPC endpoints, and to build new features. For example, assets for the 2022 Artwork Upgrade and the Nootopia Basemap were paid for out of the Team Wallet.

Snowball Wallet

The Snowball Wallet funds are used for running The Snowball.

NootDAO Community Wallet

The NootDAO Community Wallet is a multi-sig wallet whose signatories are the elected officials of NootDAO. All Pesky Penguin holders are members of NootDAO and are eligible to vote or run for office.

NootDAO has traditionally used the funds in this wallet to pay for community-enrichment services and activities, such as compensating alpha hunters or commissioning artwork for the discord server.

The Snowball

The Snowball is our royalties-fueled deflationary mechanic.

Periodically, the evil magus Gargolon will send a Snowball careening down towards Nootopia from his mountainous abode. Any Penguins caught in its wake are destroyed, forever removed from circulation.

The Snowball

Snowball Mechanics

The Snowball is funded by Royalties. 2% of every sale is earmarked as Snowball funds, which are used to purchase the cheapest available Pesky Penguins from exchanges.

Penguins purchased with Snowball funds are subsequently burned (maximum supply is reduced to 0), removing them from the collection forever.

Snowballs are rolled randomly; nobody knows when the next one will be.

Sentiment towards the collection is often correlated with the amount of funding in the Snowball Wallet. This fact, coupled with the late 2022 marketplace changes away from royalty enforcement, has meant a much quieter Snowball as of late.

New features in 2023 aim to increase Snowball accumulation rate, which could lead to a resurgence in destruction rates of Pesky Penguins.

The Graveyard

Penguins lost to The Snowball are publicly available to mourn at The Graveyard.

Additional metrics, such as the total amount of SOL spent by the Snowball and the average Penguin price per ball, are also available for viewing at the Graveyard.

Dynamic Artwork

Pesky Penguins possesses a unique value proposition: the ability to update the art style of your Pesky Penguin, on-chain, whenever you'd like.

Rather than mint a second collection with new artwork, the team elected to deliver value (and fun!) to holders for free with the Hyper-Dimensional Noot Juice Saga.

Swapping Art Styles

If you've never updated your Pesky Penguin before, there are two steps:

  1. Acquire a Noot Juice at the Smuggler's Den or via Solana NFT marketplaces
  2. Visit the Cosmic Corkscrew to drink it!

If you have already transformed, you can swap art styles whenever you'd like:

Staking Penguins

Staking your Pesky Penguins is the mechanism through which players earn $PESKY in Nootopia.

Nootopia uses a custom Gamified, Soft Staking experience for accumulating $PESKY — the first of its kind on Solana. Penguins can be staked in Nootopia, either by clicking on the $PESKY map icons, or by vising the Staking Dashboard.

Staking Dashboard

Gamified Staking

There are three main variables that determine how you earn $PESKY:

  1. Salary: Amount of $PESKY per Pay Period
  2. Pay Period: The amount of time it takes to accumulate your Salary
  3. Earnings Cap: Maximum $PESKY a Penguin can earn before needing to claim

The location(s) at which you elect to stake your penguin(s), and how often you decide to claim, determines your overall $PESKY accumulation rate.

Earnings Cap Rationale

Users must claim their staking rewards periodically to continue earning $PESKY. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Increases website traffic
  • Increases withdrawal rate, promoting circulation of $PESKY
  • Staking variables are "locked in" when you stake your Penguin.
    • If staking is re-balanced properties are upgraded, your staked Penguin will not automatically earn at the new rate.
    • An earnings cap encourages re-staking so players can earn $PESKY at the new rate.

Being able to demonstrate consistent and reliable traffic is a key measure of project success. As we get more visitors and participants, we create a virtuous cycle founded on this continued growth!

Soft Staking

It's extremely important to the Pesky Penguins team that the collection stand on its own merits, and not on the back of market manipulation.

As a result, we have opted to go with a Soft Staking approach to staking, meaning:

  1. Your penguins are NOT locked up while staked
  2. You are free to move, trade, and sell your penguins while staked with no disruption to staking rewards

A couple interesting dynamics emerge as a result of this:

  1. The circulating supply of Pesky Penguins is a true representation of supply, free of artificial influence
  2. Penguins listed for sale likely have $PESKY that you can claim the moment you purchase them.

$PESKY Tokenomics

The official utility token of Pesky Penguins / Nootopia is $PESKY.

$PESKY is the only way to mint Hyper-Dimensional Noot Juice for transforming Penguins at the Cosmic Corkscrew, and is the only way to use our real-time on-chain metadata update technology, The Wishing Well.

New features launching in 2023 will provide additional use cases for $PESKY.

Fixed Maximum Supply

There is a maximum token supply of 500,000,000 $PESKY.

$PESKY that has not been distributed will be kept in the "Nootopia Treasury" (the World Wallet), which is the wallet from which staking rewards are paid out to staked Pesky Penguins.

When users spend $PESKY in Nootopia, the tokens will return to the World Wallet, where they can continue to circulate into the economy through Penguin Staking.

We may also introduce limited, deflationary use cases for $PESKY in the future, which would result in $PESKY being permanently removed (burned) from the circulating supply.

Distribution Schedule

In order to incentivize participation in the community and Nootopia, $PESKY follows the following distribution schedule:

  • 330M $PESKY (66%) for the "world wallet" (game/staking emissions)
  • 140M $PESKY (28%) for ecosystem development and community rewards
  • 20M $PESKY (4%) to the dev team on the following vesting schedule:
    • NO Pesky for the first year
    • 1.5M $PESKY/month beginning March 1, 2023 and continuing until all 20M is distributed
  • 10M $PESKY (2%) to NootDAO, a community-led DAO for all holders of Pesky Penguins, on the following vesting schedule:
    • 500K $PESKY/month beginning July 1, 2022 and continuing until all 10M has been distributed.

No Monetary Value

The Pesky Penguins Team does not assign any monetary value to $PESKY. It is a utility token for Nootopia and the services provided by the team, not an investment vehicle.

Storytelling Events

Evolutions in the collection's history have always been highlighted with huge storytelling events. These events are captured as different chapters in the Lore, and are released over the period of a couple weeks or months as the story unfolds in real-time.

The Birth of the Snowball

The Snowball was the first feature to be revealed as part of the Pesky Penguins collection, and it first rolled right after launch, gobbling up a staggering 26 Penguins in a single sweep.

Word of the Snowball spread like wildfire on Twitter, and contributed to the massive initial success of the Pesky Penguins.

The Battle of Nootvember

The first few Snowballs revealed that the community hated the mask attribute. Despite being present on only 22% of Penguins, some Snowballs consisted of 80+% masked Penguins.

The Battle of Nootvember was a story-driven event series in which Gargolon's thirst for power resulted in a rift in the ice shelf from which poured out a demonic horde. The miasma accompanying it was such that only masked Penguins could battle the demons, and thus was born our first metadata update.

Penguins with the mask attribute could opt-in to the battle, where their mask would be replaced by either a warforged (scar) attribute, or they would change entirely into a Skeleton or a Demon type Penguin.

Participation was very high; around 50% of masked Penguins went off to battle and came back changed.

The Hyper-Dimensional Noot Juice Saga

Gargolon's next set of escapades had him traverse the universe to unlock its secrets in the hopes of growing his power.

This was the catalyst for our Dynamic Artwork Upgrade, and the first roll-out of utility for the $PESKY token. In addition to the lore, we released a video to promote the event:


Nootopia is the home of the Pesky Penguins. It is where Pesky Penguins live, work, and play, and its founding has been chronicled in The Lore.

Nootopia is a digital world that you can explore! Everybody is welcome visit Nootopia, which is constantly evolving and growing.

Nootopia Screenshot

Nootopia is a map-based web application with custom 2D tiles for the entire city. Not every building has a marker (yet!), but readers of the Lore will notice familiar locations and lots of tiny details spread throughout the city.

Utility Lives Here

Nootopia is where our features live. Whether it's a staking location or a feature like the Wishing Well, every feature and experience and that is added to the collection gets its own location in the world!

Nootopia Navigation

The Graveyard

The Graveyard is where we mourn the Pesky Penguins lost to The Snowball. It includes the following:

  • Total Number of Snowballs Rolled
  • Total Number of Penguins Burned
  • Total SOL Spent on Snowballs
  • List of all Snowballs rolled
    • Date
    • Number of deaths
    • Average cost per Penguin
    • Total SOL spent on Snowball
  • All Penguins who have perished
    • Picture
    • Name
    • Epitaph
    • Time of Death
    • Floor Price

Graveyard Screenshot


In Nootopia

The Graveyard can be found outside of Nootopia, just through the Northeast gate:

Graveyard Map Screenshot

The Smuggler's Den

The Smuggler's Den is where the Pesky Pirates, progenitors of the Smugglers Passage and proprietors of pilfered Noot Juice potions, proposition passers-by with promises of progression from pixel art towards a more polygonal presentation.

Smuggler's Den Page

Noot Juice Supply

The Smugglers don't always have Noot Juice for sale; it's hard work sneaking into Gargolon's tower to steal them.

When there are potions for sale, they sell for 33 $PESKY.

Noot Juice

In Nootopia

The Smuggler's Den can be found besides the docks near the center of the city in a converted pirate ship that has been built out as a headquarters for their smuggling (and other piratical) operations.

Smuggler's Den on the Map

The Cosmic Corkscrew

The Cosmic Corkscrew was constructed by the Pesky Alien Penguins in order to dispel the magical seal placed on Noot Juice potions by Gargolon. See: The Hyper-Dimensional Noot Juice Saga.

If your Pesky Penguin has never imbibed Noot Juice before, it will show up in the list of eligible Penguins to use The Corkscrew when you connect your wallet.

Once your Penguin has imbibed Noot Juice, it can swap freely between Pixel art and HD art styles using our Dyanmic Artwork engine, the Wishing Well.

Twitter Bot

Every Penguin that uses the Cosmic Corkscrew gets a shout-out on Twitter via @CosmicCorkscrew!

When this feature launched, it was so popular that we were rate-limited by Twitter!

In Nootopia

The Cosmic Corkscrew is located on the floating Pesky Alien Penguin compound to the Southeast of Nootopia city proper.

Cosmic Corkscrew on the Map

The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well is where Pesky Penguins who have imbibed Hyper-Dimensional Noot Juice can swap art styles whenever they like.

Penguins who have not enjoyed an HD Noot Juice will need to first visit the Smuggler's Den and the Cosmic Corkscrew before they are eligible to use the Wishing Well.

Swapping between Pixel and HD art costs 1 $PESKY, and updates the NFT on-chain.

Twitter Bot

Every Penguin that uses the Wishing Well gets a shout-out on Twitter via @NootWishingWell!

In Nootopia

The Wishing Well is located next to the ruins of the Emperor's Palace (who perished soon after the Battle of Nootvember and was replaced by The Decemvirate) near the center of Nootopia.

Wishing Well on the Map

The Library

Big releases for Pesky Penguins are accompanied by lore, and the Library of Nootopia is where all of the this lore is kept!

In Nootopia

The Library of Nootopia is in the north of the city. It stands next to the (unmarked) radio tower.

Library on the map

Gargolon's BONKhaus

On January 3, 2023, Gargolon broke into an abandoned house in the south of Nootopia and started BONKing Pesky Penguins.

The BONKhaus allows you to burn the $BONK token in exchange for $PESKY. This feature was created in order to unlock an airdrop of 1B $BONK to the Pesky Penguins team wallet.

Gargolon bonking a Pesky Penguin


The BONKhaus features a leaderboard to show off who has burned the most $BONK, and data from the leaderboard is used to boost the $BONK signal, which is responsible for providing light to the Solana ecosystem in these very dark times

BONKhaus Leaderboard

In Nootopia

Gargolon's BONKhaus is located in a small house in the Southern end of Nootopia, tucked away against the wall of the city. How did he even get in there??

BONKhaus Map Location

Pesky Penguins Devblog

The Pesky Penguins team believes in transparency and accountability. As a reflection of these values, we have open-sourced our blog as a way for other projects to quickly create their own self-hosted blogs in line with the web1/web3 ethos of decentralization.

You can visit the Pesky Penguins devblog by visiting:

GitHub Repository

You can find a link to the repository, along with a README with instructions for configuring your own blog, at the following URL:

Contributions are, of course, welcome!

On-Chain Voting

The Pesky Penguins team believes in community governance for NFT collections. As a reflection of these values, we have open-sourced an on-chain voting tool, pp-vote, which enables holders of collections to vote for proposals.

DAO royalties vote

We used this tool to great effect in June of 2022, when the community voted to increase royalties for the collection from 5% to 6%.

Live Application

You can visit the Pesky Penguins on-chain voting site by visiting:

GitHub Repository

You can find a link to the repository, along with a README with instructions for configuring it for your own community, at the following URL:

Contributions are, of course, welcome!