The Pesky Penguins collection metadata specifies a 6% royalty, allocated as follows:

The collection launched with a 5% royalty, but the community voted on June 9th, 2022 to give an additional 1% of every sale to the NootDAO community wallet.

DAO royalties vote

Team Wallet

Team Wallet funds are used to pay for website hosting, access to Solana RPC endpoints, and to build new features. For example, assets for the 2022 Artwork Upgrade and the Nootopia Basemap were paid for out of the Team Wallet.

Snowball Wallet

The Snowball Wallet funds are used for running The Snowball.

NootDAO Community Wallet

The NootDAO Community Wallet is a multi-sig wallet whose signatories are the elected officials of NootDAO. All Pesky Penguin holders are members of NootDAO and are eligible to vote or run for office.

NootDAO has traditionally used the funds in this wallet to pay for community-enrichment services and activities, such as compensating alpha hunters or commissioning artwork for the discord server.