The Snowball

The Snowball is our royalties-fueled deflationary mechanic.

Periodically, the evil magus Gargolon will send a Snowball careening down towards Nootopia from his mountainous abode. Any Penguins caught in its wake are destroyed, forever removed from circulation.

The Snowball

Snowball Mechanics

The Snowball is funded by Royalties. 2% of every sale is earmarked as Snowball funds, which are used to purchase the cheapest available Pesky Penguins from exchanges.

Penguins purchased with Snowball funds are subsequently burned (maximum supply is reduced to 0), removing them from the collection forever.

Snowballs are rolled randomly; nobody knows when the next one will be.

Sentiment towards the collection is often correlated with the amount of funding in the Snowball Wallet. This fact, coupled with the late 2022 marketplace changes away from royalty enforcement, has meant a much quieter Snowball as of late.

New features in 2023 aim to increase Snowball accumulation rate, which could lead to a resurgence in destruction rates of Pesky Penguins.

The Graveyard

Penguins lost to The Snowball are publicly available to mourn at The Graveyard.

Additional metrics, such as the total amount of SOL spent by the Snowball and the average Penguin price per ball, are also available for viewing at the Graveyard.