The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well is where Pesky Penguins who have imbibed Hyper-Dimensional Noot Juice can swap art styles whenever they like.

Penguins who have not enjoyed an HD Noot Juice will need to first visit the Smuggler's Den and the Cosmic Corkscrew before they are eligible to use the Wishing Well.

Swapping between Pixel and HD art costs 1 $PESKY, and updates the NFT on-chain.

Twitter Bot

Every Penguin that uses the Wishing Well gets a shout-out on Twitter via @NootWishingWell!

In Nootopia

The Wishing Well is located next to the ruins of the Emperor's Palace (who perished soon after the Battle of Nootvember and was replaced by The Decemvirate) near the center of Nootopia.

Wishing Well on the Map