Storytelling Events

Evolutions in the collection's history have always been highlighted with huge storytelling events. These events are captured as different chapters in the Lore, and are released over the period of a couple weeks or months as the story unfolds in real-time.

The Birth of the Snowball

The Snowball was the first feature to be revealed as part of the Pesky Penguins collection, and it first rolled right after launch, gobbling up a staggering 26 Penguins in a single sweep.

Word of the Snowball spread like wildfire on Twitter, and contributed to the massive initial success of the Pesky Penguins.

The Battle of Nootvember

The first few Snowballs revealed that the community hated the mask attribute. Despite being present on only 22% of Penguins, some Snowballs consisted of 80+% masked Penguins.

The Battle of Nootvember was a story-driven event series in which Gargolon's thirst for power resulted in a rift in the ice shelf from which poured out a demonic horde. The miasma accompanying it was such that only masked Penguins could battle the demons, and thus was born our first metadata update.

Penguins with the mask attribute could opt-in to the battle, where their mask would be replaced by either a warforged (scar) attribute, or they would change entirely into a Skeleton or a Demon type Penguin.

Participation was very high; around 50% of masked Penguins went off to battle and came back changed.

The Hyper-Dimensional Noot Juice Saga

Gargolon's next set of escapades had him traverse the universe to unlock its secrets in the hopes of growing his power.

This was the catalyst for our Dynamic Artwork Upgrade, and the first roll-out of utility for the $PESKY token. In addition to the lore, we released a video to promote the event: