Staking Penguins

Staking your Pesky Penguins is the mechanism through which players earn $PESKY in Nootopia.

Nootopia uses a custom Gamified, Soft Staking experience for accumulating $PESKY — the first of its kind on Solana. Penguins can be staked in Nootopia, either by clicking on the $PESKY map icons, or by vising the Staking Dashboard.

Staking Dashboard

Gamified Staking

There are three main variables that determine how you earn $PESKY:

  1. Salary: Amount of $PESKY per Pay Period
  2. Pay Period: The amount of time it takes to accumulate your Salary
  3. Earnings Cap: Maximum $PESKY a Penguin can earn before needing to claim

The location(s) at which you elect to stake your penguin(s), and how often you decide to claim, determines your overall $PESKY accumulation rate.

Earnings Cap Rationale

Users must claim their staking rewards periodically to continue earning $PESKY. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Increases website traffic
  • Increases withdrawal rate, promoting circulation of $PESKY
  • Staking variables are "locked in" when you stake your Penguin.
    • If staking is re-balanced properties are upgraded, your staked Penguin will not automatically earn at the new rate.
    • An earnings cap encourages re-staking so players can earn $PESKY at the new rate.

Being able to demonstrate consistent and reliable traffic is a key measure of project success. As we get more visitors and participants, we create a virtuous cycle founded on this continued growth!

Soft Staking

It's extremely important to the Pesky Penguins team that the collection stand on its own merits, and not on the back of market manipulation.

As a result, we have opted to go with a Soft Staking approach to staking, meaning:

  1. Your penguins are NOT locked up while staked
  2. You are free to move, trade, and sell your penguins while staked with no disruption to staking rewards

A couple interesting dynamics emerge as a result of this:

  1. The circulating supply of Pesky Penguins is a true representation of supply, free of artificial influence
  2. Penguins listed for sale likely have $PESKY that you can claim the moment you purchase them.