The Smuggler's Den

The Smuggler's Den is where the Pesky Pirates, progenitors of the Smugglers Passage and proprietors of pilfered Noot Juice potions, proposition passers-by with promises of progression from pixel art towards a more polygonal presentation.

Smuggler's Den Page

Noot Juice Supply

The Smugglers don't always have Noot Juice for sale; it's hard work sneaking into Gargolon's tower to steal them.

When there are potions for sale, they sell for 33 $PESKY.

Noot Juice

In Nootopia

The Smuggler's Den can be found besides the docks near the center of the city in a converted pirate ship that has been built out as a headquarters for their smuggling (and other piratical) operations.

Smuggler's Den on the Map